Diary of a Furloughed Federal Employee, Wednesday, October 17

This may well be my last post in this series. Looks like I’ll be going back to work tomorrow. It’s been a long day of mostly monitoring legislative progress, on cable news and on line (cable wasn’t paying attention to one issue – back pay – that was of intense interest in the Brosnan-Henchey household!).

There will be a boatload of work to catch up on. I’ll dig in tomorrow, working from home. So much for the golf round I was going to play tomorrow, and for getting over to my friend Gana’s Framer’s Workroom (where I get a nice discount) to get started on a couple of needlework framing projects.

Yesterday the chorus performed for the residents of Ring House in Rockville – a great crowd, as usual. And it was very nice to have something to do other than obsess over when I’d be able to get back to work.


Diary of a Furloughed Federal Employee, Second Weekend

Finished up Friday by driving to Baltimore for a weekend of Fun, Laughter, and Singing Harmony (A/K/A FLASH) with my chorus. Rode up with Cathy Kyle – a most agreeable traveling companion. We checked into the Hunt Valley Inn for the conference, and met up with our other two roommates – Betty Matthews and Gianna Miller. It was a great weekend, featuring choruses and quartets from Sweet Adelines International Region 19. Among the weekend’s highlights – I won first prize in the chorus history book contest!


No progress in the non-negotiations on Capitol Hill, however. If anything, they moved backwards, with the House adjourning after Congressman Van Hollen‘s discharge petition – which would have brought the continuing resolution to the House for a vote – was ruled out of order (because not offered by the Majority Leader, under a recently modified House rule!). So it looks like you have a few more days of this blog to look forward to.

Diary of a Furloughed Federal Employee, Day 8 (Thursday, October 11)

This will actually cover Thursday and early Friday (I’ll be gone this weekend at a chorus educational event in Baltimore and won’t be able to update again until Sunday evening).

Thursday started with a dentist appointment. Dr. Bishop gave me a filling – very carefully, because it was below the gum surface – but he managed the process well, with local anesthesia and a minimum amount of pain. After the dentist, I came home, checked on the status of the non-negotiations, and worked on the blog. (What would I do without you, loyal readers?) More blogging, responding to e-mail and Facebook posts and playing video games in the afternoon.

Looks like there’s a chance of a break in the stalemate. If they can agree on the size and shape of the table and sit down and start talking, they may actually vote to let us go back to work, at least for a few weeks.

This morning, Woody and I took the car out to Koons Ford in Silver Spring for some free servicing (offered to furloughed federal employees – thanks, Susan Carey Cundiff for the information!). Watched the Finn memorial Glee episode. I made Frosty Tomato Salad – most of which is going with Woody and me to eat at lunch with our friend Peter Turnbull.

Diary of a Furloughed Federal Employee, Day 7 (Wednesday, October 10)

Wednesday was an easy day. Got up a little early (to make sure Woody got up in time for his golf league), worked on the blog, picked up the basement, and crocheted. Sara and I had lunch (we had talked about walking over to El Norteῆo for lunch, but decided to eat at home). Gave blood in the afternoon, thus disqualifying myself from going to the gym later on. Then ate dinner, watched television and crocheted some more, and went to bed.

Diary of a Furloughed Federal Employee, Day 6

Day 6 started out pretty much like the rest of the furlough – eating breakfast, checking C-Span, working on blog. Woody and I cleaned and organized closets and dressers. Closet organizing seems to be a popular federal employee activity these days – see Susan Ruth’s comment on yesterday’s post. Today the closets – tomorrow the basement?

In the afternoon, I went to the gym with Sara again. If this keeps up, I’m going to be in really good shape by the time the furlough ends.

In the evening I went to chorus rehearsal. Always fun to sing with my friends. (In fact, I’ve posted on this subject.)


Diary of a Furloughed Federal Employee, Day 5 (Monday October 7)

Some in the news media call this Day 7 of the shutdown. But it’s Day 5 of the furlough – for me. And I became a little more productive. I decided to start cleaning house – one room at a time. Starting with the kitchen. Just by starting, I energized Woody DSCN2332

into helping me. And the kitchen is really clean – we even cleaned inside the refrigerator!

That took most of the day. Went to the gym with Sara in the afternoon.

Like I said – productive – and CLEAN.

Diary of a Furloughed Federal Employee, Day 4

Subtitle this entry: A Glimmer of Hope?

But before that, I’ll get to the rest of the day. Breakfast, blog, laundry, C-Span watching. Then the Sligo golf tournament with Woody, Sara and Tom Stanton (Limerick Pub). We didn’t win anything (except a boatload of raffle prizes, including the 50/50!). But a good time was had by all. All members of the foursome played respectably, and we had a good banquet – cooked by course manager Dave Degirolamo. (I should say that all of us except Woody had a good banquet – he was too busy passing out prizes to eat. So he had a sub sandwich from Seminary Beer, Wine & Deli a little later. We also picked up ice cream cones from Tropical Ice Cream.)

Now – the glimmer of hope. Congress Van Hollen has filed a discharge petition to bring the continuing resolution to the floor. It looks like there may be enough support to either discharge the resolution, or at least to embarrass the leadership into moving it forward. There’s also a bill pending that would pay us for the furlough time. Saturday update: THEY PASSED THE PAY BILL UNANIMOUSLY IN THE HOUSE!!!

Diary of a Furloughed Federal Employee, Day 3

I got up late (around 8:30 am) again on Day 3 (Thursday). (Sensing the start of a trend here.) It was a pretty non-productive day. Worked on blog in the morning and went to the gym in the afternoon. Other than that, a lot of the same old same old (C-Span watching and video game playing).

Tried to get the scanner working in the afternoon – I need  to scan some photos of Capital Accord Chorus singing the National Anthem at the Baltimore Orioles game last July.

There was a brief moment of hopeful excitement in the afternoon when I heard Tom Harkin say that the Speaker had agreed to let the “clean CR” come to a vote in the House. I must have been hallucinating though, because the House only voted on the bill to keep the V.A. going for the duration. Following hopeful excitement was the chasing of the black Infiniti from the White House to the Capitol.

Oh well . . . Tomorrow is another day. I won’t have Congress in session for amusement. But I’ll play in the Sligo Creek Golf outing tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to that. I’ll be going over a little early to help set up because my husband is the president of the Sligo Creek Golf Association and I’m on the board. (I can’t link to the association’s website right now because it’s down for re-construction – by my daughter.)


Diary of a Furloughed Federal Employee, Day 2

On Day 2,  I slept in – until almost 8 a.m! I had breakfast while checking the news on the status of the non-negotiations. After checking news, I got Sara up. What’s below her picture is what she put on her Facebook page about the day.

Sara with dog

So today my Mom (who is a furloughed federal employee because of the U.S. government shutdown) went to the National Museum of Women in the Arts (one of the few open museums in town, since all of the free Smithsonian one are government funded and thus affected by the shutdown). We saw two excellent exhibits: The first was an exhibit of the art work of Audrey Niffenegger, who wrote Time Traveler’s Wife but who is primarily an artist. In the gift shop I picked up Raven Girl by Niffenegger. The second was an exhibit of the early work of the African American artist Faith Ringgold. I was primarily familiar with her because of her excellent children’s books. It was interesting to see her more overtly political work. The special exhibits are only there through November, but I presume they will be replaced by things which are equally excellent.

Amy here again. After lunch, we rode Metrorail back to Forest Glen and met Woody Brosnan; the entire family went to lunch at Savannahs in Kensington. Then home to check on the negotiations non-progress.

Later in the afternoon, I played 9 holes of golf at Sligo Creek Golf Course with Woody Brosnan and Karen Howland – a tuneup for Friday’s Sligo Creek Golf Association tournament. Hit the ball pretty well, too – straighter than I do sometimes!

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